Founded in 1989, Connections of New York is an executive recruitment agency that prides itself in being able to bridge the gap between superlative talent and hiring managers.

“We are the algorithm.”

At a time when other executive recruitment firms have begun to rely on search engines and resume buzzwords for candidate selection, Connections of New York has remained committed to putting the personal touch back into your personnel search since 1989.

A fresh and innovative, but established human capital firm, Connections Personnel of New York is a full-service, boutique staffing agency that fuses the leading candidate search technology with tailor-made approaches to placing the right candidates in the right jobs.

At Connections of New York, we take the power back from impersonal search engines and job opportunity databases, and put it back in the hands of recruiters and job seekers, so that they can make impactful, goal-oriented decisions.

Armed with a commitment to integrity, creativity, and building relationships, Connections of New York’s 5 experienced Pursuit Teams attack the task of building bridges between hiring managers and extraordinary talent in BUSINESS & SALES, INFRASTRUCTURE TECHNOLOGY, WEB & MOBILE, CORE DEVELOPMENT, and DATA by making thousands of calls, matching hundreds of applicants with corporate clients, and finding new opportunities daily.

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“At our core, we are a knowledgeable forward-looking company that holds relationship building in the highest esteem. Steeped in trust and respect for the interview process, our Recruiters are well trained to be attentive to your needs, not ours. The benchmark for our success is measured by how well we live up to your expectation of us. Striving for perfection is one thing, but fostering a collaborative effort allows for win/win negotiations, and that is how we build bridges, and that is our commitment to you the Client and the Candidate.”
– Bob Green, President & Founder